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What is lions band?

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the world through music? Have you ever desired to grow as a musician by playing incredible music with your peers? Have you longed for something more than traditional high school marching band?

The Lions of Michigan All State Band is EXACTLY what you've been searching for!

The Lions of Michigan All-State Band serves the world through music.

Our group is predominately comprised of high school musicians from all across the state of Michigan, who have come together for a common cause; to share music with those who need to hear it most.


The Lions of Michigan All-State Band was established in 1978 and was formed as a musical ensemble to accompany the incoming Lions International President, Ralph A. Lynam, from St. John's, Michigan. Ever since the band was created, it has attended and performed at the annual Lions Clubs International convention each year by marching in the Lions International Parade, which has more than 10,000 delegates in attendance.

Over 300 Michigan high schools and communities have participated in the band's activities since it began, and now averages 45-75 students each year (and it's our goal to continue to increase that number to an average of 150).

Part of the Lions Band experience that revolves around the Lions Clubs International Convention is our All State Band Tour. Each tour runs approximately one week during the time frame of the convention, which is usually the first week of July every year. It offers students an unique opportunity to travel the world together and share their musical talents with those who need the music most. We've performed in veterans homes, orphanages, nursing homes, and music schools, all throughout the United States and internationally.

If you want to join us on our next tour, you can visit our tour page by clicking here.

As the band continues to grow, so does its commitment to serving communities throughout the state of Michigan, and the world, through the gift of music.

How do I become a LIONS BAND member?

To qualify for the band, you must be enrolled as a high school band student at any Michigan high school (home school students are also eligable), recieve written concent from your high school band director or musical instructor, and must have a strong passion for music. If this sounds like you, you're exactly who we've been searching for.

We also accept some college students into the band, bust mostly those who are within their freshman or sophmore years of attendance. College students can also reach out for educational opportunities to work with Lions Band staff.

To audition for the band, you can simply submit a video audition online by visiting our audition page. Here you will see a breakdown of three easy steps to sumbit your audition. Click here to submit your audition today.

We look forward to having you with us on our next exciting musical adventure.

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